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Review of Bernd und das Rätsel um Unteralterbach

SubjectBernd und das Rätsel um Unteralterbach
Bernd und das Rätsel um Unteralterbach Version 2.0
ByVote: 10flat-is-justice on 2022-01-21
ReviewBernd und das Rätsel um Unteralterbach (UAB) is a masterpiece!

If I remember correctly, it was the first visual novel I’ve ever played, and it’s still my second favorite only behind Steins;Gate. I played it twice, and I currently consider playing it a third time. To be fair, as a long-time lurker on German image board Krautchan, I was familiar with virtually all the references and memes in the game. I reckon a non-German player who’s never visited an image board before will miss many of the little details that make the game even better.

There was not a single moment where I felt bored when playing UAB. The writing is full of humor and as tight as the underage heroines. My favorite of them was Annemarie Reiter with her super funny dialog lines and poems. She’s truly the most ROMANTIC character ever! But not only are the protagonist and the heroines written extremely well, all the secondary characters play their roles very well too.

I also enjoyed the Ace Attorney inspired trial and the various mini games. It’s hard to believe that the whole game was developed by just a single developer. Even the music is above average, only missing an absolute banger.

UAB is just so much better than 99.9% of all other eroge that it almost sours your experience when playing them. You’re just thinking “This writer isn’t even half as good as Fuchur.” all the time.
3 points