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Review of Uni

Uni v0.39.98
ByVote: 5.5flat-is-justice on 2022-01-21
ReviewThere’s a very good eroge hiding in there somewhere, but, alas, Uni is less than the sum of its parts!

Like many visual novels with map movement, Uni lacks cohesion. Everything just felt disjoint since it often took quite a long time until a specific sub story was revisited. And not all sub stories and scenes were created equal. Some were interesting and well written, but others felt out of place or boring. I quite enjoyed the sub story with Kate in the maid cafe, and the scenes with Violet, snooty as she may be. In contrast, the cheerleader sub story went nowhere and the whole market sub story was stupid and way too long.

There’s also the problem with Matt who was so over-the-top evil and obnoxious that he sucked the enjoyment out of the whole experience in the end. I understand that almost every story needs an antagonist, but this was just too much. Another low point were the drawn-out dream scenes that didn’t feature any CGs and appeared much too frequently during the first playing hours. I wish the writer had spent the time on fleshing out some of the quite brief scenes in the maid cafe instead.

On the other hand, I liked the female protagonist and the writing was solid overall, but without the wit and clever ideas found in the true masterpieces of the medium.
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