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Review of Dating My Daughter

SubjectDating My Daughter
Dating My Daughter - Chapter 3 (v0.29.1)
ByVote: 5flat-is-justice on 2022-01-22
ReviewIt’s clear that the developer had no clear plan for the development of this visual novel at the beginning. While the first scenes were enjoyable enough, its storyline soon began to meander aimlessly. To stretch out the playtime, the developer introduced unnecessary and mundane drama that always takes much longer to resolve than it reasonably should. Maybe that’s realistic, but it’s not *fun*!

The daughter has the face of a 12-year-old girl and the body of the average porn star. This is a strange combination that probably pleases neither normies, who may be put off by the game’s main theme anyway, nor lolicon enjoyers.

None of the characters are really interesting, but they’re also not completely bland or obnoxious. While there are some interesting scenes, the writing is often boring and drawn out without clever ideas or linguistic highlights. I only would have liked to see more of the modelling story arc, which I found had much more potential than most of the rest. The character models look okay, but they’re not really good either, having these unnatural lifeless facial expressions seen in almost all other DAZ 3D based games.

Everything about this visual novel is just so goddamn average!
3 points