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Review of Athanasy

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UTaa on 2022-04-24
ReviewThis game is divided in two parts.
The first one is when you are human, there i couldn't sympathise with the personality and the relationships from the protagonists so when his big sister Bridgitta died it wasn't very impactful on me, the romance with Polyanna also fell flat to me. Not much happen here and this part felt more of a world-building than anything.

The second part is where you get turned into a aberration and the game jumps to being bad to really good. Kaviani (the main character) starts to notice the grotesques things done to his body and a whole new place in the Undergrounds with new people and new rules. The second part gripped me in a good way the first never did.

The game doesn't offer too much explanation to connect the first part to the second. I ended with various questions like ''Why Quirin is acquainted with the leaders from the non-resistance?'' ''Why Polyanna is found on the Undergrounds unconscious and with her body containing no signals to have been mutated in any form?'', ''How is Bridgitta also there? I thought only people found to be ''defective'' would be moved to the Undergrounds by the Clankers and be transformed and put to work but she died'', ''In the Underground the workers have to use their pickaxe hand to destroy some yellow cyst, for what purpose it serves?'', ''Film an entity formed with thousands of people are inside Kaviani from the start, how and what is his origins?'', ''The game shows Kaviani being forced to go into a elevator to be transformed, but when he exit the Undergrounds (I supposed by the same elevator he first entered) everything is so diferent like it is completely in another place'', ''In this universe they already found the answer for immortality, what?'' and many more...
I finished this knowing the big-picture of what happens but not the ''How's'', ''What's'' and ''Why's''
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#1 by pronoia
2022-10-21 at 03:31
< report >How many endings did you read? I've only found four so far and I feel like some of the questions are answered and some have implied answers. The endings that split off of turning in Pollyanna and then your boss (successfully, by fabricating a connection to Pollyanna) in particular might fill you in, especially reading Peter's diary about the history and invention of the city and the immortality cure - I really think you missed this - and being taken into Quirin's confidence after. (Literally every person in the entire city apart from a handful of important high ministers are recycled below, for instance, regardless of where or how they die or if they only mentally 'shut down' - the few exceptions still mentally shut down, it's just delayed by a drug, and they are taken to remain forever semiconscious upstairs.) Other things just seem implied - Quirin is acquainted with Kai because he's attempted to capture her before and still hopes to, and the yellow cysts aren't important outside of providing bioluminescent light, to justify your being able to see.
#2 by Ileca
2023-02-07 at 17:43
< report >Second review from someone who didn't finish the game. This is not a charage where you can ditch 3/5 of the routes and pretend you finished it.

and they are taken to remain forever semiconscious upstairs
To be exact, they are transformed into amrita.

Quirin is acquainted with Kai because he's attempted to capture her before and still hopes to
The connection is probably more personal because he has a picture of her in his desk when she was younger, which indicates that she was probably his ex wife or maybe daughter, who knows.

Also, Film isn't inside Kaviani afaik. It is just communicating with him through dreams and when he is close to it.
#3 by onorub
2023-02-07 at 18:16
< report >#2 Question: it seems that the most complete russian playthrough of this (that edits repetition for the more hidden endings) features about 14 hours of content. Is this the sort of game where you have to go through tons of repetition to get all the endings?
#4 by Ileca
2023-02-07 at 18:29
< report >I am not sure what you mean by "having to go through tons of repetition to get all the endings" but it's not a structure with common + parallel routes. It's kind of a choice maze. Let's say that you have tons of unique ways to get railroaded into endings you already did. It can be a little frustrated to think you found some new path when you didn't. That being said, it's not like it's super hard. You just have to try new choices for most of it.