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Review of Kin'iro Loveriche

SubjectKin'iro Loveriche
ByVote: 8axillier on 2022-05-11
ReviewIt's like everything you want from a Yuzusoft game. Good writing, good ero scenes, good drama and the fact that it's not made by Yuzusoft. Not saying that their games are bad though.

To summarize all the routes:
Sylvia's was the most balanced of all the routes.
Elle's route was above average at best, but definitely falls short when compared to the True Route or Sylvia's.
Reina's was a genuine surprise; good scenario and ero scenes (Yamato approves)
Akane's wasn't bad by all means, but definitely underwhelming in every aspect.
Ria's route was... amazing. Take Sylvia's route which was already good in everything, but improved further with a surprise.

If you like Yuzusoft games, this'll definitely be right up your alley, as it is with mine. Definitely looking forward to the Fandisk.
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