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Review of Owaru Sekai to Birthday

SubjectOwaru Sekai to Birthday
ByVote: 7onorub on 2022-05-11
ReviewMy experience with this VN was kinda funny, because my feelings about it before and after the big plot twist are fairly different. Before the plot twist, this was a fine catastrophe VN where the characters were a bit flat and not enough time was given to the calamities themselves despite having decent buildup. Then the plot twist should by all means ruin the VN, but it was expanded upon so well that i ended up having a better experience and wishing it was revealed much earlier because it would've made the VN more creative. Overall this was a fairly enjoyable story but i just wished certain elements would have been given a bit more time. Borderline good VN.

Ranking down girls: Misaki>Hiragi>Naruko>Mikaeru>Iri.

Ranking down routes: True (some interesting plot elements)>Naruko (great buildup for finale)>Mikaeru (most hardcore calamity for me)>Misaki (cute interactions but felt too much like a side route)>Hiragi (a bit boring but alright character work)>Iri (pretty boring but decent mystery buildup).
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