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Review of Nanairo Reincarnation

SubjectNanairo Reincarnation
Nanairo Reincarnation - 18+ Edition
ByVote: 9greywarden on 2022-05-13
ReviewAnother case of "I'm not really into that trope but ended up liking it" story for me. This time it's harem.

First of all, I'd like to say, what a fucking ride this is. I enjoyed every minute reading it. It's a medium length VN but packed story telling (just as I like it). Every aspects of the game was excellent. Every plot and twits executed brilliantly. Every route is interesting and has its own merit.

Sure there are a few nitpicks, but not enough to tarnish the overall quality of the game. But there's a few worth mentioning. The game have a little harem theme but it is executed well, that even I (a person who's didn't prefer it) can get with it. Maybe because the MC is a pretty matured and cool guy (not some hyper pervert dude who craves for sex 24/7). Another one, some players may find it annoying that the Kotori (main girl) was involve with every route. I'm getting KoiChoco vibes from it (I fucking hate Chisato lol😂). But I'm not that salty since Kotori is more likeable character and the game takes time to develop her story and the drama. Kotori is the focus point of the story that it didn't feel right not to include her. It's forced but they did a good job developing her and MC's relationship that I have easier time to accept it. It just feels right and fit to the story. I think we were supposed to play Kotori's route first. The reveal and twist have more impact. And they actually explained what actually happened. In other routes, they just left some the details, I actually got confused at times trying to figure it out myself. Next, I had to agree with one of the reviews stating that the game didn't have a strong romance aspect. I'd say the most well developed was Kotori and followed by Azusa. Yumi's route feels lacking and advancing too fast. I'd LOVE if they include a demon-focused love story, but welp. Adding a few more lovey-dovey moments and developments would be great. But I can understand since the romance was developing along with the serious plot, so it's hard to insert those.

The game got recommended out of nowhere for me. Nanairo Reincarnation has no business being that good, but it is pretty damn good VN. It's definitely one of my favorites. You should check it out.
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