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Review of Grisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-

SubjectGrisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-
The Fruit of Grisaia Mod Merge + Reshade
ByVote: 9noxvn on 2022-05-13
Review(Warning I suck at English so plz excuse any grammar/spelling shenanigans)

This is certainly a long-ass VN (68 hrs~) but since I did finish the Muv Luv trilogy in 1 week, this isn't too bad.
The common route is where I think turns people off the most, not because it's bad, but because it's long and prob not the main reason we are all here.


For the common route, I heavily recommend taking your time and enjoying it. The joke and the shenanigans are just great and I find myself grinning and laughing the majority of the time. So far prob the best comedy so far that I read from a VN. Yuuji's deadpan humor and the girls' ridiculous act are just the best combinations for comedy.

I really think you all should enjoy the common route and not rush as it provides all you need to know (and plenty of hints) about the girls. And this prob the only time when the game is...well.....all happy.

When you do enter the character route, oh boy it's an adventure. All the routes are fairly unique and offer a very different feel to them. The only common thing between them is the heavy use of psychological drama. From existential crisis to depression to survivor guilt. AKA shit dark.

But the story writing is pretty good and there are so many ridiculous but amazing moments in these routes.
None of the routes feel like a true route though, prob why there are TWO more games following this one.

Best route:

Amane = Sachi >Michiru>Makina>=Yumiko

Order to play:


Yumiko route feels like the most "vanilla" of them all, it's a pretty good one to start, even though it's the least fav of mine. I enjoy it a lot. There is no bad route but it's definitely not the best one.

Michiru route makes me cry like a baby while playing through it. It does a very good job conveying Michiru's struggle and her feelings. Even though I always feel Michiru is the....well.....most underwhelming character of them all. She is still a very lovable idiot. This route focus ALOT on Michiru and almost none on Yuuji.

Makina route can also act as the Yuuji route. This route is......interesting since it's the only route that focuses quite a bit on Yuuji's past and his struggle. The best part is definitely learning more about Yuuji and seeing how he tries to solve Makina's problems. Many people do recommend playing this first just because it does give more context about how Yuuji sees the world. I personally think it's fine to play this after Yumiko and Michiru as I don't think I miss anything there. But DEFINITELY, A MUST PLAY BEFORE SACHI AND AMANE.
Even though I REALLY like the Makina route just cause I love Yuuji's past. This route has prob the WORST ENDINGS. It is not....horrible I guess but it's a very open-ended ending with almost no closure. Makina's problems seem to be there still. Even after playing the after story, it's just.....not enough.

Sachi and Amane
These two routes are just different from the rest as their route kinda ties into Yuuji's past (in a way). Hench why you should play the Makina route first to not miss all the references to Yuuji's past here. In my opinion, these two are the best in terms of story and character. Best to play them blind for sure.

So should you play this, PLz do it's so worth it. I know the common route is long and it can feel a little dragged out. But the comedy is amazing and try to not play this in a "rushing" mindset.
definitely a 9 for me.


This part is just me ranting tbh.

This prob just me spoiled by Hoshiori. but I kinda dislike the way every other route story just kinda vanished once you enter one route. Like how in Amane's route, the school is still there for a long ass time even though it's gone after 1 year in Yumiko's route. There is just a bunch of this really and it really bothers me. I get it that they have to do that but it's just...a bit annoying. Make me kinda sad that the Anime version really does feel like the cannon version of the plot instead of the VN. I

WTF is that second H-scene in Michiru's route. It just feels so out of place, the first thought I have is like, this just feels so forced and why is it so long. Also, how can Michiru even move like that after what just happened @@. Kinda wished that they did more with the alternate Michiru but oh well. The ending is kinda rushed but not too bad I guess.

Makina's route is so weird to me in terms of how they went about Yuuji and Makina's relationship. Maybe it's just me but the H-scene for this route really makes me furrow my brow a bit. The fugitive part and the assassination part are better. It's kinda sad that the ANIME did a better job concluding Makina's route, like WTF.

Sachi's route is just kinda funny, that moment when Yuuji just casually blows up the entire school, then turn around and fk Sachi. it's just so ridiculous. Like how did he even explain this "Oh so to help my GF psyche I really need to help her blow up the school, plz plz plz let me do it". LIKE HOW???
It's so absurd but I love it lol.

Kazuki in Amane route is just so enjoyable. She is just Yuuji but smaller and smarter but not as funny. The way she just casually says she loves Yuuji to the point of...well...doing lots of....questionable things. Definitely a LONG ASS back story though. TBH it kinda bugs me how Kazuki didn't just make a plan to go down the mountain as early as possible. IDK it's just kinda weird that she waits 15 days to do it. The route heavily implies that Kazuki is alive(and since they did they 100% are alive via VN logic). But why then did she never show up? This route is also the only one that gives us the summary of Yuuji's entire life with Amane up to his death from Cancer. No mention of Kazuki ever showing up. It kinda baffles me since Kazuki seems to really love Yuuji more than anything and she prob alive, then why never contact Yuuji??

Prob will get an answer in the next two games I think.

Anything not a perfect game, lots of bumps but a very enjoyable ride nonetheless.
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