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Review of The Best Eroge Ever

SubjectThe Best Eroge Ever
The Best Eroge Ever (RenPy Port)
ByHelpfulness: 4
Vote: 7
citosiul on 2022-05-16
ReviewIt's crass humour, that makes fun of eroge's, made for people who have read/played a good amount of eroge's or have at least a good amount of knowledge on them, especially knowledge of ones made before and during the production of this. It's the type of thing that if kept going it would've gotten tiresome/unenjoyable to read. I personally had problems with transitions which had a high chance of crashing when advancing normally through text. I recommend to people only if you have a read/played a good amount of eroge's, are fine with crass humour, crashes, and you want to blow 5-10 minutes. If not, stay away, at best it'll be boring, at worst you'll have a sour taste in your mouth. A personal score of 07/10=Good, since I have no problems with the humour, and it didn't overstay it's welcome.
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