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Review of Grisaia no Rakuen -LE EDEN DE LA GRISAIA-

SubjectGrisaia no Rakuen -LE EDEN DE LA GRISAIA-
The Eden of Grisaia - UCG patch
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Vote: 7.5
noxvn on 2022-05-16 last updated on 2022-05-21
ReviewThis is kinda hard to rate tbh, there are many things I adore, and there are also many that I don't.

Let's get the negative out of the way first.

Plot-wise the story start to implement tons of sci-fi element and very suddenly too, make it feel jarring and inconsistent with the world setting. The booster drug from the first game was like ok as a sci-fi-ish element but in this game just really get out of hand.

Even though this route is technically all about Yuuji's past catching up with him, he likes to have like 20% of the screen time at most. His interaction with the girls is minimum (and even in the after story, it is not that much***)

There are lots of action sequences, and when I say lots I mean LOTS. There are many good ones, but there are also many bad ones. I know action isn't VN's best element, but there are so damn many in this game and sometimes I just want to know what is next in the plot instead of what type of movement happening, the smell of combat, the sound of the gunshot. Like if they shorten the action part a bit it could have been much easier to enjoy.

This might be just me personally, but Yuuji is not as interesting as the first game. In the first game he can figure shit out in the most out-of-the-box way and it is what makes him such a fun protag to play as. But here, he just kinda, brute force his way and it just works out.

Stories wise this route hurt my fking head. The story happens after Yuuji saves ALL 5 GIRLS, yes all of them. So already that FK with my head cause how the fuck is that supposed to work time-wise. At first, I just assume that the story solve the girls' problems similar to how the anime did it and he didn't get in any romantic relationship with any of them. But there are so many hints that he solves their problem similarly in their own true routes, and he did in fact at least in a sexual relationship with Amane and did go out on a date with Michiru (pretty much what happened in their routes). There also many hint that SOME part of the route after story is also present (Michiru after story). Anyway as a Lore person it just fk with me, but if you can somewhat ignore this, the story is still decent.

Alright to the Positive:

Art, Direction, and Music are all superb as always. Prob the best out of all three.

All the characters are actually very well written, I love the way they interact with each other and try to solve the problem. It surprised me the way they approach Michiru since her character just doesn't seem to fit anywhere in this type of plot, but they make it work and make it work WELL. I can't believe they make me like Michiru a bit more.

Besides the info dump and bunch of action sequences, the plot is very fun to read, The first 30% was excellent in my book. The middle is got a little shaky but still decent. But the near end was a mess @@.
The middle felt a bit dragged out but the last 80% felt rushed. The ending is good though, I think most people will agree the ending is the best part of the route.

After story of the route is pretty good, it just gives an extra small story after the ending and I do enjoy these things the most. There are quite many bits and pieces offer here that just make the ending better for me. EVEN THOUGH I dislike the harem-type ending, this one isn't bad. The ending of the after story is great though, it resolves my small problem with the original Michiru ending and that is a plus.

One problem though***:
Since there are no H-scenes in the route, they put all of them in the after story. I personally don't enjoy H-scenes marathons at all. There aren't many fun slice-of-life interactions between the cast here because most of the screen time they spend fking.

I want to give this an 8 or more. But there are so many moments when I feel it drags out very long, the info dump doesn't really actually offer much since they just give you this LONG explanation, then some character will be like, can you do it again but simpler. So we then have to hear the explanation twice and they could have made it simpler in the first place. I also like Yuuji in the first game way more, since most of his interesting back story was explained in the second game, there isn't much to him as a character in this game and that is such a shame.

Still a great ending though and the story still is a fun roller coaster, so a 7.5. In spite of all the flaws, it was still a fun read and a must-play if you have already played the second one.
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#1 by plisken
2022-05-18 at 02:38
< report >Yeah, this review pretty much nails it. The first one, Fruit of Grisaia, is a masterpiece, one that I might even rate a 10 (something that's only happened once for me, with Muv-Luv Alternative). The second, Labyrinth of Grisaia, wasn't quite as good but was still a nice look back at Yuuji's origins and how he got to that point in his life.

This one? I'd actually rate a 7, and that's mostly because of the goodwill the first two generated. Honestly, the plot went completely off the rails, with Thanatos, the booster drug, the clone army, and the weird Ra's al Ghul BS. It's as if they suddenly had a change of heart and wanted to shoehorn in as much contrived comic book-esque nonsense right at the very end. It comes out of nowhere (for the most part), and wasn't necessary at all.Last modified on 2022-05-18 at 02:40
#2 by noxvn
2022-05-21 at 10:08
< report >Yeah, I agree. The plot got so fking weird I was really close to giving it less than a 7. But the first 30% of interactions between the girls were really excellent. That alone pushes this up just a bit more.