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Review of pXt

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citosiul on 2022-05-20
ReviewClear problems a lot of changes need to be done but if you go in knowing and understanding that it's essentially just the beginning (it's a concept piece,) it's fine, but I'm not in a writing class nor do I have the patience to try to level any more with this so let me tell what you're going in to. Character portraits and backgrounds that don't look like what I imagine the character or setting to look like (they do this sort of as a placeholder since it's a concept,) forgettable music, writing style similar to William Shakespeare's works, and it's really short. While some may say it being short is a good thing, for me it wasn't. I had just adjusted to the arts juxtaposition to the story, truly understood what I was reading, got close to enjoying it, and then it ended with no satisfaction.
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