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Review of Kajiri Kamui Kagura

SubjectKajiri Kamui Kagura
Dies irae & WORLD BOX ~Masada Premium~
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chasekilleen on 2022-05-21
ReviewKajiri Kamui Kagura was a wonderful experience. It is a worthy successor to Dies Irae. Although this game is technically its own story, it follows the story after Marie's route; hence, it has lots of Dies Irae references & lore.
The game has charming heroines and amazingly designed male characters. The soundtrack kicked ass and compared to Dies Irae, and it was a significant improvement overall.
The game features the eight main characters (Habaki and Rindou, Yakou and Ryuusui, Soujirou and Shiori, and Keishirou and Sakuya) known as the Tousei; their goal is to expel the Yatsukahagi of Edo.
However, we later found out that the Yatsukahagi are called heroes that protect the fragments of Tasogare's remainder.
The Yatsukahagi's leader, Yatou, was one of the three pillars who guarded Tasogare, along with Eigo Kaiki and Shuradou. After barely surviving Tengu Dou's assault, he was left broken and shattered due to the death of the Megami whom he very much loved from the bottom of his heart.
After the defeat of the entire Yatsukahagi, Tengudou's Law was complete, a world where everyone killed each other until not a single species was left due to everybody's ego getting boosted.
During Madara Yakou using his Tengan received from Tengudou, he truly knew how truly terrifying Hajun truly is and that Hajun must be dethroned.
Hajun's obsession with being alone is technically a Gudou Law; however, Hajun's unique perception and intense craving turned him into a Hadou God. Hakabi noted that Hajun isn't a true Hadou God during the final battle. He didn't have the qualities to take the lead; he was blind, seeing everything and anything as trash, shit, and piss except for Habaki because Habaki was the sensory of the tumour, which fuels Hajun's anger and desire to be left alone. Which, in turn, increases his desire to be left alone. The tumour's existence proved the downfall of Tasogare, Shuradou, and Suigin.

After the defeat of Hajun, both Rindou (the apoptosis of Habaki) and Habaki fused their Taikyoku to become the eighth Heaven. They believe that Amaterasu is the best candidate to rule the Shinza itself.
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