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Review of BALDR SKY Dive1 "Lost Memory"

SubjectBALDR SKY Dive1 "Lost Memory"
Baldr Sky 18+ Restoration Patch
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Vote: 6.5
noxvn on 2022-05-21
ReviewI have so many conflicted feeling about this.

Dive 1 feels like a LONG LONG Prologue in a way.
Is it boring? NO
Stuff actually happens A LOT

Visual wise I do love the art style and the feel. It is still an "old" game and the art is so non-HD that it kinda hurt my eye a bit in a few moments when they zoom in at the CG.

The music is so good, every track fit and I was jamming to it the entire time.

The gameplay is definitely not just reading the vn, since this game also includes a beat them up style combat system. TBH this is way too good, I have never spent so much time trying to get new moves and make different combos. It was just a blast. 10/10 enjoyment.

The difficulty of dive 1 is quite non-existent except for a few bosses. Heck if you really struggle just play on very easy and cheese the boss with ranged attacks. The tutorials do a good job and it's very quick too. Take less than 5 mins to read the entire tutorial.

The world-building focus on 2 places, the city where everything is happening and the school that the cast went to in the past. I enjoy the setting a lot and I do love all the sci-fi tropes they use, I was definitely hooked and want to know more about this world.

Cast wise I love all the characters but the villains. The villains are super flat, they are evil because they are evil. Nothing else. I think one of them is kinda ok but the rest is just there for you to plow through.

The not great so far. It is decent, that's why I give it a 6.5.

There is quite a bit of flashback on the first route but they reduce quite a bit as you keep playing.
I personally enjoy the flashbacks as they add more context to the characters but some dislike it.

The route starts with Rain then Nanoha then Chinatsu for dive one

Rain is such a cool character, pretty, capable, and reliable. But her route suffers from the "first route problems". It focuses way too much on introducing all the different factions with their own motives and belief while trying to set the world up. This result in Rain's personal story feeling very neglected. Her ending feels like......idk it's not bad but not good. it's mid. Still, a good introduction to the world but Rain really does feel like a supporting character even in her own route.

Nanoha route is a bit more interesting as we learn way more about Nanoha and her struggle, we learn a bit more about nanotech since Nanoha is somewhat related to it. As a character, she's a crybaby and gets jealous very easily (her jealousy is shown in her route right at the start but absent in every other route). Ngl I don't really enjoy Nanoha as a romantic interest. I do love the back story and way more comprehensive plot. The ending is very wholesome.

Chinatsu route is just Batman. Like "shit happen, and everything changed" make into a route. Chinatsu is just pain and suffering and sad and depressed. There isn't a lot here that can even make you happy. Even her H-scenes are just depressing. (I wonder how they even try to remove this since the H-scene adds quite a bit to her character). The story makes sense until it does not, like IDK wtf even going on at the end man. Well, the ending is .......kinda weird. It's a happy ending but it's kinda hard seeing them being happy after all the shit that just happened. And the way it resolves the issues feel kinda odd.

I also do not appreciate that they make you reread a ton of already-read content. Like, come on, stop wasting my time. This happens in Nanoha and Chinatsu route early on and it rubs me the wrong way for sure.

The way stuff is resolved also is very non-satisfied as they use Deus Machina way too much. Yes, I know that in later routes this part of the story makes more sense as more mystery is answered. But without any context, Lots of the time it just feels like someone is spamming the Deus Machina button every time bad things happen.
All the routes also feel very non-conclusive. Most of the mystery is not solved. Way too many questions with no answer. Hench why all 3 routes just feel like a long, eventful prologue for me.

I am at the start of Dive 2 as I write this and I can already see that a lot of the setup in dive 1 makes way more sense and the plot is way more interesting.

Overall, it's a decent part of the game. The gameplay is fun and the setting is very interesting. The plot definitely could have been shortened in some parts and expanded in other parts. But do view this as a "set up" for things in dive 2.
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