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Review of Ai Shimai IV Kuyashikute Kimochi Yokatta Nante Ienai

SubjectAi Shimai IV Kuyashikute Kimochi Yokatta Nante Ienai
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scorpionmk11 on 2022-05-24
ReviewAbsolute bomb of a Eroge, to say this blew my expectations away would be an understatement. I instantly found maybe my 2nd most favorite Nukige of all time after trying a metric ton of other underwhelming Nukige.

To give you just a tiny bit of context, I was afraid this is some kind of ultra rape degeneracy type of game given the artist's (Saasha) track record. I always loved and admired his art-style, but when I looked at the nukige he drew for, they all have something I really cannot stomach. Ningen Debris and this circle of friends where they can all steal your heroine, Weirdness of Maro no Kanja, some kind NTR commentary of Biniku no Kaori...all conflicting stuff, and unfortunately, there's not much to choose from.

So one day I randomly tried Ai Shimai IV because I really wanted to play Saasha illustrated game and I wanted to judge how bad the game really is...The answer is wow, this is isn't Bishop style blackmailing rape fest with ugly bastard I thought it was, this is completely vanilla and kinda wholesome? Sex-friend simulator with maybe the best H-scenes ever written. All the girls are super fun too.


So, admittedly, the game starts kinda bad, but I was prepared. It immediately opens up with rape H-scene of Eriko, one of the main heroines and mother of the titular two siblings. Here, it is explained that the seemingly evil ugly fat bastard protagonist after a while of planning decided to blackmail Eriko into having sex with him in a love-hotel after threatening her with the release of photos where Eriko's husband Keisuke is seen being with some kind of younger girl next to Love Hotel. After Protag blames Eriko that his all happened because Keisuke has repressed urges while she is always at work, Eriko reluctantly agrees to silence Protag and thus keeping the family together by having sex with him.

Protagonist's monologue also reveals that those definite photos of Eriko's husband's affair are in fact a trick all orchestrated by MC. He baited the husband into going to the place near love-hotel and the supposed mistress is some kind of delivery girl.

After like 2-3 H-scenes one of the daughters, Kiyomi, a proper nerdy girl with huge glasses, spots her mom and MC coming out from the Love Hotel and later confronts him about the whole ordeal. After feeding her bullshit pretense that the Mom is in fact doing the cucking because she doesn't feel pleasure being with her husband (MC even shows her photos of Eriko feeling the pleasure as a proof) Kiyomi offers herself instead of the Mom to relieve any kind of sexual cravings of MC because she doesn't like anyone having sex with mom other than her dad. MC agrees, but still continues to have relations with the Mom in secret.

Next time MC accompanies Kiyomi to her home, her sister and my beloved, Manami, spots them and immediately sniffs something fishy, seeing big fat ugly bastard next to her proper sister.

That was just very basic plot summary that starts the whole story, there are surprisingly lot of elements and reveals throughout the whole game. Those aren't even that long, so they don't disturb the pace.

All this sounds nice and dandy, but whats up with me saying this is wholesome Sex-friend sim? Isn't this basically intricate rape plot where throughout the whole thing heroine screams how much she hates it?

Well, yes and no.

Yes as in this is by definition a blackmail rape, but what it turns into is the main thing; I even pondered if this is some kind of deconstruction of the stereotypical blackmail rape genre. The main protagonist is ugly and fat, but it doesn't bother any of the heroines, they just kinda tease him for it and Manami my beloved assures him all that matters is what's inside,

All of the heroines get raped and blackmailed but they don't seem particularly bothered by it,

The MC is unemployed social reject without friends, but always makes sure when girl is stopping by to shower properly and makes sure that both parties get enough pleasure, buying them snacks, going on dates, not being antagonistic towards them at all, just reminds them from time to time that he in fact has their photos and all that he wants to fuck cute girls.


Ah, yes, the reason why is everyone where. H-scenes in Ai Shimai IV are really special, so let me give them quick shout-out.

They are maybe the best written H-scenes in Nukige I've ever seen, and I played lot of Nukige.

They felt immediately unique by how much talking or should I say communication is in them.
No more stereotypical Kimochii, Ooki, supported by couple of forced moans into ejaculation scene and then end.
Here, they feel like actual sex sessions where you switch positions and talk through everything what feels/doesn't feel good. After the thing, you even hang around for a bit. It's awesome. MILES better than most of eroge even at portraying real relationships.

Also, the art is GODLY. The faces could be a bit controversial sure, but I like them and everything else is drawn splendidly. Skin in particular looks so nice.



The mother of two sisters and hard working doctor. One of the 2 routes I didn't play, because I didn't think that much strongly of her. Her H-scenes are nice, but her daughters steal the show in every other regard.

Manami beloved...
My most favorite girl from the game and what a babe. What I thought at first glance was completely boring and overdone cliche of a violent Tsundere with twintails ended up as completely unique archetype that I can't really show you anywhere else. She is such a fun mix of various characteristics and I couldn't get more of her. Teasing, tomboyish, sexy, popular idol with the hint of Tsundere is the best maybe I can describe her? Her H-scenes are real treat, where she fully communicates with Protag what she likes/doesn't like what he does to her, bantering with him during the deed...and then sits down naked and eats ice cream. All really fun stuff to read.

Her route motive that she discusses with MC often is: "Okay, sex feels kinda good, but I can't see us ever becoming lovers, because having boyfriend that raped her mom and blackmailed both her and her sister don't exactly sounds like perfect husband material, so Sex-friend for now sounds good." Question is, has MC chance of ever capturing her heart?

I'm just going to say that I don't like Sex-friend type of games or relationships, but here it makes sense and has context behind it. IIRC she says MC would have a chance because he is easy and fun to talk to and his dick is good but she can't really forgive him for his actions just yet.


Route I didn't finish. I like Kiyomi as a character, but I like her most when she is with someone else. Either with her sister or Nanako. Low amounts of sniffing play which I didn't mind, she a cute.


WOAW! Best friend of Kiyomi and what a fun bundle she is. Really eccentric, perverted and energetic girl, constantly making erotic remarks. I like how she joins the story. Basically, She stumbles upon you and Kiyomi and finds out you have sex-friend type of relationship. Says to herself, Woaw, if this ugly pig captured manko of my nice and tidy Kiyomi, there has to be something special about him. Kinda lot of piss play with her, but doesn't feel disgusting because no yellow liquid is drank; she just pisses herself. Try her out.


Teacher of school all the girls go in that joins the story later on. Also really fun, autistic and sheltered airhead dojikko type of heroine that needs to be bullied. Everybody makes fun of her for her apparent fat physique, although that cannot be further from truth. The type of girl that MC has sex with once and she already comes up with marriage registration.
Cute, cute.


I just cannot stop gushing over how good this is. One of cons I can think of that this is kinda short game, Manami's ending is cut super tragically short especially and feels janky, and weirdly this game has lot of bad endings which I'm fearful what's inside since I avoided them like a plague. Could them cut them entirely out and close each other's girls routes more nicely.

If you can think of other games like this, where MC starts evil and gets nice to the girls and the girls start to like him, Please let me know!
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#1 by Ernovace
2022-05-24 at 13:00
< report >
If you can think of other games like this, where MC starts evil and gets nice to the girls and the girls start to like him

So let me preface this by admitting the VN I linked, is neither as long as Ai Shimai IV nor as good. But it does have similar theme in one of its routes.


I wish there was a way to find it but some of the VNs on VNDB have the "romance" tag as a spoiler. This is one of them.
You may also filter VNs by looking up the "Evil route" tag. If it has an evil route as a tag then it means the converse is also true, i.e. there must be a good route as well. Of course, most of them are probably not what you are looking for.Last modified on 2022-05-24 at 13:02
#2 by cubky
2022-05-24 at 13:14
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I wish there was a way to find it but some of the VNs on VNDB have the "romance" tag as a spoiler.

There is a way to find such games (link). The issue is - you have to make sure ALL romance child tags are spoilers as well, which is not the case of Migawari Inkou Seikatsu ~Shin'yuu o Mamoru Tame, Gedou Kyoushi no Iinari ni Naru Yuutousei "Ema"~ so you will not see the game on that query.Last modified on 2022-05-24 at 13:14
#3 by Ernovace
2022-05-24 at 14:46
< report >Ah, I didn't know such method existed. Cheers.