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Baldr Sky 18+ Restoration Patch
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noxvn on 2022-05-24 last updated on 2022-05-25
ReviewWhen I finish Dive 1(to which I have a 6.5 to), my main complaints were there were too many questions with no answers, there are too many factions with different motives, why is the cult/agent acted differently in every route independent of Kou's action, it was hard to keep track of what was going on, and none of the routes seemed to be conclusive.

Dive 2 somehow fix everything and make this game so much better than I ever expected.

**I will assume you already play/know about dive 1 plots hench light spoiler for dive 1, no spoiler for dive 2**

The gameplay stays pretty much the same as dive 1 but I unlock so many skills at this point and making combos and just doing combat, in general, was way more fun.

The music in this game is still amazing.

The art is great and even better than dive 1.

The main difference is how they handle the plot compared to dive 1.

Kou acts differently based on how much memory he retains. His behavior changes slightly and you can tell the more memory he retains, he becomes more hardened. In dive 2, he retains lots of the mercenary Kou and there isn't much high schooler Kou anymore.

I always enjoy Kou as a protag even though he is not my fav. He's not a "mastermind level" smart but not dumb, he can be hot-headed but can still remain calm in the worst situation. Technically, the only thing he's amazing at is combat. But seeing him figuring stuff out not just by himself and by actively working with others is a joy to read.

Dive 2 consists of 3 routes Aki, Makoto, and Sora in that order.

Aki route has the same plot as Chinatsu but branch out based on your choice in chapters 5-6.
I love Aki route so much since all the setup is out of the way, there isn't a ridiculous amount of info dump, and just focus on Aki and Kou's relationship. The way they handle it is so good and there are a few twists that actually caught me off guard and make my brain freeze a bit. This route cemented Aki as the best girl for me.

Makoto's route is a very interesting one. The mystery was never where is Makoto or which side she was on since you should notice from the very first route, Makoto is not on the "good" side of the story and she is a high-ranking member of the cult that wants to end the world. It deals with Makoto's unique condition and reveals lots of the "conspiracies". I love this route lot too for how it handles the story and twist, we also get lots of answers to many questions all the way back from dive 1 and set up the last and final route.

Sora route is just a different game and it builds on every other route (including all the good/normal/bad end)
Every other route branches out from certain points, but Sora's route is different from the moment you start it. I was told that it's completely different from others and still get surprised by it. This route should be played completely blind. It is the route that answers ALL questions you have. I hate the fact that even though most of the explanation is kinda absurd and just ridiculous in terms of scale, it all makes sense.
The only advice I will give is not to lose any fight, save often, and you better be a master at the combat by now.

By the end, Dive 2 give me a great ending not to just Sora's route but to EVERY OTHER ROUTES. The way they did it was superb and it give me chill the entire time.

Was getting through dive 1 to enjoy dive 2 worth it?

Hell yeah. This game was amazing and I legit could not put it down and no life for 4 days straight.

The only reasons why it is not a 10:

1. The scale and stake of the plot can be finicky at times. Even though they don't use Deus ex Machina tons like Dive 1, there a still a bit of it. This result in me never really feeling like the stake is too high since I always think in the back of my mind some bs gonna happen and everything will turn out alright. It turns out not to be the case.

2. You have to play through dive 1 AND play reminiscence. I state this in my dive 1 review, this part feels like a long prologue and I feel it even more after playing dive 2. Reminiscence is a freaking pain in the ass, even though it DID give me some extra juicy plot. WHY CAN'T I SKIP THE PART I ALREADY READ IN THE ROUTES I ALREADY PLAY WTF. I recommend skipping through the part you recognize with ctrl and just looking out for the part you don't know. Definitely do not skip fall and winter part though as they reveal lots of CRITICAL infomations

But yeah, Great game plz play 9/10
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#1 by plisken
2022-05-25 at 11:58
< report >Reminiscence is completely misunderstood by most. Yes, you do have to repeat some flashback scenes seen in the previous routes (mostly in the beginning of the year), but most people miss that the scenes aren't abridged. In Reminiscence you get the FULL scenes; that is, the screen doesn't fill with static and transition like they do in the main routes. Not to mention the absolutely critical new scenes that explain WHY Kou and Sora fell in love, and the nature of their connection. It's central to the entire plot of the saga.

I've seen people request 100% save files so they could skip Reminiscence. I've cautioned against this, since it's an incredibly stupid idea. You'll end up going into Makoto and especially Sora's routes and getting completely lost. The best way to look at Reminiscence is as its own route. It's about the length of one anyway.

Anyway, you're correct in that Dive2 is the superior half, although I would give Dive1 a higher score than yours. I'd say an 8 for Dive1, 9 for Dive2. The scores would be damn near perfect except for the occasional scenes where Kou slips into hetare mode for some bizarre reason (he's usually a badass), and the characters of Noi and Shizel. Noi is annoying when she's doing her pervert schtick. When she's serious she's fine. As for Shizel ... good god, I honestly don't think I've ever hated a character more than her.

P.S. The gameplay, once you get used to it, is pretty damn fun. Setting up and chaining combos together for hours on end was a blast. I managed to unleash a 300-hit combo, which was pretty satisfying. I've seen some videos on Youtube where players pulled off 1000+ hit combos. Mind-boggling stuff.Last modified on 2022-05-25 at 12:03
#2 by noxvn
2022-05-25 at 13:01
< report >Yeah, I do notice some people actually tried to skip the entire reminiscence which is a shame. Some of those new scenes were really good.

I really wish I like dive1 more tbh, but I just don't feel too invested in the story/character yet and the gameplay is wayyyy too easy compared to dive2. Doing combo in dive2 is just way too fun, I legit sit in practice mode to make this 400-hit initializer combo with satellite laser and imperial Final, and god it was such a rush when I was able to use it to one-shot the final boss.

You hate Shinzel? I actually like her quite a bit when after the third and fourth route. well, I always like characters that are really tough and harsh but actually have a little soft spot every now and then.