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Review of The Divine Speaker

SubjectThe Divine Speaker
The Divine Speaker
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carito728 on 2022-05-25
ReviewThe Divine Speaker was really good at first but what made my rating go way down is that the pacing is really bad and messy in the actual romance routes.

The overall plot is recycled in every route and the only thing that differs is the LI-related short subplot. The routes are a jumble of lore with forced romance scenes thrown in when the writer remembers it's meant to be a romance, and the way it insists on constantly switching points of view between different side characters makes you lose track of the real MC, Raen, and his story. The change in POVs should've just not happened so that there was more focus on Raen and LI and the romance and story didn't feel so rushed and messy. It's like if you were reading a first-person book and then suddenly it went third-person, it's very chaotic.
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