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Review of Oku-sama no Kaifuku Jutsu

SubjectOku-sama no Kaifuku Jutsu
A Housewife's Healing Touch - Pure Love Route
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ketsuma on 2022-05-28
Reviewafter 2 years without releasing anything, Alicesoft decides to release a new Eroge, with the art of the legendary Homare.. who makes his first Visual Novel as an artist.


I chose this route, because in Netorare Route, you are the cuckhold MC.
and here, it is a Netori Route, in which you control Shion, a boy who is looking to awaken his mana, during battles to protect the village, Shions gets hurt, and to regenerate his mana.. he needs sexual caresses with the FMC, an HOT married Healer, to heal his wounds and regenerate your manas.. until comes a point that receiving sexual caresses is no longer enough to regenerate your wounds and mana. and sex is necessary.. in this process both fall in love..

STORY: the story is good.. 8/10

ART: Homare...the name speaks for itself.. 10/10, its is the first visual novel of this legendary artist, and I hope he makes many VN in the future, for that.. it is important that we support and buy the title..

The game's environment is good ,and the soundtrack is good, but very limited. so 7/10



the worst aspect of the game... the sound of sex is extremely important in an Eroge, it is responsible for immersionin in scene itself... and is largely responsible for the excitement. and in this game.. there is almost no sound in sex scene... the FMC does a blowjob on the protagonist, you don't hear the sound of the chest hitting dick. you don't hear the sound of penetration into the vagina.. the only thing you hear is the sound of lubrication and kissing.. this makes the sex scenes average.. despite the amazing art. in this respect, Alicesoft has to learn a lot from Atelier Sakura, Bishop, Empress and several others.

despite having praised the art, many scenes are reused and recycled here.. some scenes are the same visually speaking, with changes in speech... this shows that AliceSoft didn't want to invest much in the Game.. (I don't know if Homare is an expensive artist) this does not mean that there is no scene variation.. it even exists.. but it could be better..

Gameplay system:
basically it doesn't exist.. you just need to put the character to run and fight and when mana and HP is low.. remove it... and then regenerate with fmc.

Rate: 8/10

it was a good game with a good debut for Homare in an excellent visual novel game studio. I recommend it to everyone who love Netori game(steal the FMC from Cuck).. if u love NTR( i recommend NTR Route.)
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#1 by zxabwww
2022-05-28 at 23:39
< report >I had been played Tsumamigui 3, another game from Alicesoft, and in that game they are also recycling some CG and its dialogue. I think that is Alicesoft thing to make game longer than it was supposed to be.
#2 by KrSko
2022-05-29 at 00:41
< report >Yup I know what you mean, you can clearly feel they didnt put in the same effort they did with other previous titles. Guess they really intent to focus on their online gacha game moving forward and all future releases will be more of side income. Truly sad. Not to say that the game wasn't good, it just could've been better.