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Review of Gin'iro, Haruka

SubjectGin'iro, Haruka
Gin'iro, Haruka
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noxvn on 2022-06-07
This review does not cover Mizuha and Yuzuki route due to them still being translated will update the review as the new patch roll out.

***One thing to note about Tone work games. They focus ENTIRELY on slice of life and even when drama happens, it is not anything that has a high stake. The game feels like just stories of "normal" people and that's it. If you hate slice of life.....this will be VERY boring for you. I personally get it since just 6 years ago I would also think this type of game is boring.

One of my fav Slice of life VN ever is Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai, so when I found out that this is another good Tonework's game I was very excited to play it. I end up delaying playing this game until recently when Mizuha's route got picked up for translation.

This review will have as little to no spoilers.

This game has So Much in common with Hoshi Ori but is also so very different.

Right off the bat, the Art and Music are SO GOOD, it fits in every situation perfectly and I think they might be the best out of all the slice of life vn I read.

GinHaru structures the story around the characters' life and makes it feel like a long 10 years-ish journey, a saga of sorts.

We follow the cast from middle school to high school to college and after.

Yukito is our protagonist this time and he felt very different from Hoshi Ori's protag. In Hoshi Ori, the protag already has a dream he wants to pursue no matter what. While Yukito is more like a blank canvas, he loves helping people and usually goes along with things. He likes to act as the social lubricator that makes everything smoother. He has no dream to follow at all.

Contrast this with our cast of heroines that are full of dreams right from the start. This makes Yukito's path in life very dependent on who he chooses to end up with. This ends up with Yukito more often than not becoming the support role for most of the routes. As in the focuses on making his partner's dream come true rather than having his own.

This led to one of the improvements compared to HoshiOri. The routes feel very different from each other from the start with almost no repeated events. It doesn't feel like am just reading a slightly different scenario every time.

Now to the girls

Bethly route was my first route and was a great introduction route. It focuses on the international student Bethly and her experience living in a foreign country while barely able to understand the language. This route deals with lots of struggles that international couples deal with. The language barrier, the distance between countries, cultural differences, etc... Bethly herself is a very calm and gentle girl and prob the most Winter person I have ever seen. This route is very heartwarming and the college arc was so damn good. Yukito acts as Bethly support and as her "manager" throughout the route.

Momiji route was next and it was DIFFERENT. Momiji was the neighbor girl in class that just move in and Yukito's actual neighbor too. Momiji has a deep passion for theater and play, even though she is adept at acting, she is horrible at communicating her feeling at the start. She always wears a "mask" to get along with people and Yukito is the first person to really get her to take the mask off. This route starting act is the most "middle school" love story ever when everyone is still pure and doesn't know how to communicate affection. Since there is no physical barrier, this route focuses more on the emotional barrier between people. It has one of the best high school arcs with all the plays and theater shenanigans. Yukito also ends up as Momiji's dream supporter, as he is always by her side and pushes her forth. There is also lots of autumn theme which is quite interesting

Hinata route is
Hinata is like a ball of plasma energy, a nuclear reactor that never runs out of energy and shines bright like a sun. She is the girl that has way too many dreams and the energy of one thousand hyper puppies. Right from the start Hinata route is just so direct and lots of fun. This route just radiates positive energy to a ridiculous degree but it also does not feel forced. There isn't too much "plot" here and lots more focus on the character growth. This is also the only route (so far) where Yukito develops a dream for himself!!
Hinata shows him a glimpse of something, and with enough support from her, Yukito gives shape to his first-ever life goal. This route is just, what you really need after a rough day. EVERYONE NEEDS A HINATA I SWEAR.

So far all the routes are unique and interesting, the characters are fun to read, and they're also way more supporting characters compared to Hoshi Ori and I love them, the ending for all the routes is very conclusive and satisfying. To me, there is so little thing from this game that I can nitpick that I have no choice but to give this game my first 10/10.

I do hear some people hate Yuzuki's gut though so let's hope it can keep up the quality when the new patch rolls out.
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#1 by shanks
2023-01-02 at 00:36
< report >A really nice review!
I am not sure if you are still on vndb or not. But I would like to read your review about the 2 missing routes (Mizuha is done and Kazuki soon in early 2023) and your overall opinion which one you enjoyed more Gin'iro or Hoshi Ori and about your favourite route in Gin'iro vs Hoshi Ori :)Last modified on 2023-01-02 at 00:38
#2 by noxvn
2023-01-23 at 07:24
< report >#1 yes am will read both of their route when kazuki is done too, kinda want to read all in one go, then I prob will update the review then thx for reading it <3
#3 by Souren96
2023-01-23 at 18:34
< report >Personally, so far I've not found it as fun and engaging as hoshi ori's for the most part, but it might be due to me prefering most hoshi ori's girls personalities (thought the designs are better in gin'iro) as well as their interest (astronomy, photography, ocean life...). I agree that each route feel more distinct since in hoshi ori all highschool routes were build around creating a astronomy/biology stand for the school festival.

that said, only having played momiji's and bethly, I have to say that bethly's adult route was AMAZING, the university part might be the best part among both tone work's games. I see you loved it too. I didnt want to read Hinata's part since I havent played it yet and even if you didnt put spoilers I prefer to go as free as possible but it seems like it surprised you by the first line. Im curious now. Lets see what the rest of the game offers, I'll do mizuha next and end with hinata (for now)

Im not looking forwards to Yuzuki's route since they made her a cute little sister and Im not into that kind of incest, even if they are not blood related, they made it clear they have a real sibling relationship so far so its meh for me.
#4 by noxvn
2023-01-24 at 10:46
< report >#3 Glad u enjoy it so far. I wanna mention that Mizuha route is still in QA and have lots of mistakes currently in the work still. Personally I would play Mizuha last too since many consider it the *best* route (don't know since I haven't read it).
#5 by Souren96
2023-01-24 at 14:19
< report >#4 thanks for the information. Im not surprised that Mizuha is considered the best since its from the same writer as Rikka which was already the most popular. I personally prefer Marika/Misa/Bethly writer but Im excited for that route. Im not sure if I'll leave it last since Im matching my reading with another person and we'll agree the order.
#6 by Souren96
2023-02-18 at 03:40
< report >I just finished Hinata's route and completely agree with you. Adult bethly was better, but this route was more solid and consistent in general. Both of them supporting each other and chasing their dreams was very wholesome to see, and the topic is rather original I'll say. It has also some of the best CG I've seen in toneworks too. Just Mizuha and Yuzuki left for me.