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Review of Lessons in Love

SubjectLessons in Love
Lessons in Love v0.23.0 Part 1 - Uncensored Edition
ByHelpfulness: 4
rikudawn on 2022-06-21
ReviewEvery time this game updates, there's about 10 new characters added and about 1,000 instances of "GOD IS DEAD" added to the script. There's some interesting characters and some aspects of the story are alright. But this just feels like it's designed to be milked endlessly and even if it does ever get finished, it'll probably be so completely over-bloated and needlessly complicated to finish even one route of the game. The horror aspects are very hit or miss and a lot of times just come off as overly try-hard. Like flashing Bible verses and crosses on screen after a goofy scene or trying to make you feel bad for doing incest in a game with incest options.
4 points