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Review of Kyonyuu Fantasy 2

SubjectKyonyuu Fantasy 2
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htc89234 on 2022-06-22
ReviewKyonyuu Fantasy continues being far too good for what the packaging and title make it seem like it should be.

Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 is, much like its predecessor, a light in theme story telling the rags-to-riches of the main protagonist through what is a hilarious combination of a large amount of dumb luck, a large amount of plot armor, and small dashes of just-above-average wit. More than a few times did I genuinely laugh out loud at the absurd, over-the-top scenarios, and you should not go into it expecting anything resembling common sense or realism, for there isn't much, and it takes away from what the game does present itself as.

For the other part of the game, which is the political intrigue revolving around the kingdom and its high-ranking officials, it's definitely a good read. It is by no means high-level, and tends to revolve around things that are easily understood both by the readers and by every character in the game, but it borders just enough on making some characters too dumb to read between the lines and making others excel at it, which in the end, only serves to make the intrigue a bit more interesting and funny; it worked for me, and it feels as a fair decision in writing.

Both of these points combine to make the actual plot of this VN something that I truly enjoy reading. I enjoy the absurd fights, dumb political conspiracy plots, bleak scenarios that I know are not going anywhere because of stupid plot armor and luck; I can expect all of that, as it is set as a theme early on in the game and in previous installments, and as such the entire novel just becomes a light, funny read throughout, that does still keep you interested in how things will resolve themselves and what kind of stupid solution is coming up next.

Unfortunately, these two points also combine to make the sex scenes feel really annoying. Kyonyuu Fantasy is at its strongest when there are long sections of storytelling, followed by a couple sex scenes, I believe - something that happens in this game in two of its alternative routes, which to me were by far the best and had very few sex scenes.

The reason the sex scenes are annoying is because they are long. And I mean really, really, really long. Every sex scene is comprised of at least 2, upwards to around 6-8, HCGs. Each HCG with its own respective variation for with or without semen. Each image, the character will climax and make your screen turn white around 2 to 8 times. Sometimes, these scenes are followed by only a brief interlude, before going straight into yet another sex scene after the character wakes up, for example, that is yet another 2 to ~7 HCGs, with their variations, with all the white flashes per image - In resume, it's a lot of sex, it's a lot of cumming, and it's a lot of white flashes, and it's a lot of moaning and irrelevant voice lines and text that I could not care less about right now, because I was in the middle of genuinely enjoying the current plot and wanting to see it resolved.

This is particularly awful in the true route - the game also did NOT space the sex scenes as well as it should, for the true route gets the vast majority of them, and they're very, very centered around the start and the ending of the game. This means you'll genuinely get tired of seeing scene after scene after scene. I understand hentai protagonists are made of sterner stuff than I, but honestly, I don't want to read the 1hr45 minute long sex marathon right before the climax of the actual plot of the VN - that I am, by the way, very interested in.

There are many other nitpicks to be done about the story - Galahad seems to change a lot between routes for no particular reason and his motivations in the end of the true route don't make much sense, for example; or how the novel makes far too many parallels with the original Kyonyuu Fantasy to the point that some things tend to become too predictable; or how one of the best characters for political intrigue isn't used at all in the true route; but truthfully, none of these bother me too much, for it made the routes feel unique and, if we're being honest? This game isn't meant to be taken that seriously anyway.

Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 succeeds in being what perhaps it shouldn't be but that it has been since the first game regardless; a really lightly themed, fun story that does not particularly take itself seriously, with the sex scenes feeling more like rewards for the character falling upwards in the hierarchy of the kingdom and not actually the entire point of the plot - which holds up very well even when there are no HCGs to be found.
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#1 by zakashi
2022-06-23 at 02:12
< report >Isn't this the game where he kills a minotaur because of his super pervert thoughts? Burst out laughing when I saw that, not to mention the clumsy assassins Lol.

And the scenes were pretty hot in this game dude, I think I almost ripped off my dick while playing it.