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Review of Katawa Shoujo

SubjectKatawa Shoujo
Katawa Shoujo Unofficial HD Patch
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Vote: 6.5
pure-spirit on 2022-06-22
ReviewMaybe the most overrated visual novel? First off, this is a good visual novel. No doubt about that. But for someone with a lot of experience reading VNs who didn't read this as their first visual novel, it was very tropey, predictable, and the lack of voice acting definitely detracted from the experience. It has a nice Yuzusoft SoL vibe, with the bonus of having disability girls, who are deeply underrepresented in the visual novel space unfortunately.

It's certainly the best (officially) free visual novel I've found. But imagine throwing a $40 price tag on this and it probably falls a long way down the "best of" lists.
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