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Review of Ryuusei World Actor: Badge & Dagger

SubjectRyuusei World Actor: Badge & Dagger
ByHelpfulness: 3
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leafcascade⭐ on 2022-06-23
ReviewRuka Hiryuu is back along with some interesting additions to the 13th. I personally had a great time with this game—the banter and dialogue are just as good if not better than in the first game, which is one of the series' (dare I say author's) strong points. As a standalone game, much like in the first one, the romance is lackluster. The plot also doesn't advance as much as you'd hope—again, just like in the first game. But overall, I did enjoy spending more time in the universe of MWA, and I'd be delighted to be given the chance to do so again.
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