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Review of Rance 01 - Hikari o Motomete -

SubjectRance 01 - Hikari o Motomete -
Rance 01 - Hikari o Motomete - Package Edition
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project2501 on 2022-10-24
ReviewQuit after an hour playing it, worst experience in any game I ever had.

Gameplay is total dogshit, navigating the world through selecting cards? What were they thinking?

Fights are way too hard, prepare to see a million game over screens because run into the wrong person and they'll one hit kill you

Thus, there is a lot of trial and error trying to find the right place to go, and getting one shotted and game over each time you choose the wrong place to go.

Rance is a huge timewaster, life is too short to play Rance.

I was ready to get into Rance in a big way too, but after that experience, NOPE never touching a Rance game again.
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#2 by kaynedenny5454
2023-01-12 at 16:22
< report >Wow. You're very allergic to innovation and gimmicks in a VN. Such a baby. Cope more also the reason the Remake is harder than the original is because the original was too easy. Also ripping off AVGN's quotes doesn't make you cool. It just makes you cringy. Oh by the way. Don't you fucking dare play Danganronpa since you'll shit on the innovative and gimmicky mechanics and yes it's also a VNLast modified on 2023-01-12 at 16:32
#3 by zakashi
2023-01-12 at 17:42
< report >Lol 🤣🤣
#4 by project2501
2023-01-29 at 19:41
< report >Hey Kaynedenny, sorry my negative review hurt your feelings

I stand by what I said though, Rance is a waste of time. That's my biggest complaint about it, it just wastes way too much time and the gimmicks aren't worth it for how much time they waste.
#5 by plisken
2023-01-29 at 20:45
< report >#2 Rance 01 sucks and Danganronpa is overrated dross. Cry more.
#6 by altonan
2023-01-29 at 22:22
< report >@2

Gameplaywise, Rance doesn't get good until Kichikuou or Sengoku depending on who you ask. Older Rance games definitely fall into the category of "didn't age well". Even the newer Rance games (arguably) have some dumb gimmick which can sour the overall experience, even if their redeeming features mostly outweigh the negatives. I can definitely see someone trying to get into the series getting frustrated with Rance 01 especially if playing without a guide.

Also Danganronpa isn't as innovative as you think. Almost everyone it's does had already been done before and better by Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban and 999/Kyokugen Dasshutsu. And the rhythm minigame can come off as just annoying and doesn't really add anything. What it does have going for it is its quirky presentation/style. Overall it's decent, if somewhat mid.

I'd say both Rance and Danganronpa are decent "entry level" franchises into their respective niches.Last modified on 2023-01-29 at 22:49
#7 by kaynedenny5454
2023-02-07 at 23:38
< report >#5 Has Muv Luv as 9 on their list. Opinion ignored. Also funny that one of your reviews complain about a VN being mean spirited and pretentious yet you're acting the same against meLast modified on 2023-02-07 at 23:50
#8 by htc89234
2023-02-08 at 17:23
< report >I can't see how you would think Rance 01 is "hard" by any means. It's definitely a bit of a bitch of a game where you'll die to things that definitely feel like bullshit/luck but ultimately the maps are static and as such can be easily grinded and mapped out, as far as I can remember.

It can definitely feel like an annoying game if you can't stand the surprises you'll randomly get, though. But hard is a bit of a stretch.