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Review of Gore Screaming Show

SubjectGore Screaming Show
Gore Screaming Show - 18+ Patch
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periah250 on 2022-11-17
ReviewGore screaming show was a game i saw before it was even announced to be in the works for translation. and i remember seeing the titular gore, not only his design but his description lent to the idea of him being some god like being of insanity who cherished one girl. that and the premise of a dark country horror really got my interest. i recall having the hope of the game being a suffocating kind of paranoia around gore and what the main character had to endure.

That did not pan out. for the first 3 routes i clung to the hope it would get wildly different and better once we got done with the 'introductory routes' kiika was my first one and she was alright. showed gore tormenting a girl and all that. awesome.

aoi gave me trouble with the choices but when a guide came about i managed. it was exceedingly forgettable.

finally akane (and i get i did the suggested order in reverse) hers gave some nice back story but yet again just kinda felt meh.

Next we get himeko's route the auntie character. yet again her descriptor lead me to believe she was more than she let on, not just a reporter or magazine writer. maybe a government agent or someone with alot more insight than i expected, however all himeko was is some woman who knew Yuka, she felt bad and thats about as far as her character really went for me.

now yoshiki wasn't a girl or a route but this mysterious guy in leather with glasses and a gun hunting this cherubic yet evil little girl and her demon god thing? sounds intense and interesting. the idea for his character had potential but like most of the game it feels like the author had this grand mystery horror plan that just didn't pan out well. theres basically nothing explaining how yoshiki got his guns or bombs he just kinda did because 'grudge' i suppose. i envisioned a secret agent, a detective , or even just someone who knew something was up and was trying to fix things. turned out his wife was murdered by gore so yet again a grudge was really all there was. and that's a running theme here 'grudge' is basically the driving point for everything.

now to get more in depth with the title character gore screaming show. boasting a kickass description and a design that can only be described as impeccable...he let me down immensely. sure he has all these powers and sometimes appears powerful or whatever but the games utter reliance on an unexplained stone ruined his intimidation factor. shove a stone in his face and he just leaps away in pain. don't even get me started with whenever Yuka gets hurt he stops moving. all in all the power and ability wise he failed immensely. to further this point Gore so often is just rendered inert on the floor doing nothing that the so called wharf effect is painfully applicable.

Gore also greatly failed in the eldritch aspect as well. sure he would shapeshift or create illusion, but that seldom actually went further than 1 or 2 things to mess with someone. due to his seeming refusal to do much of consequence he starts to feel less of a monster or threat and more of a background. he doesn't even have a character, never do we really hear what gore wants or thinks or intends to do he just follows yuka's orders and that's about it. there isn't even a long conversation between gore and anyone other than yuka. we just don't get into his head at all, he just seems like a mindless puppet excitedly speaking about pointless things as he goes about his orders. finally his whole explanation about his powers, what he is and what he means is...again he seems to have just materialized from one of Yuka's toys to act as her 'grudge' its never explained why he exists. where his power comes from, where it exists or what he really is other than a grudge given form. finally he really isn't all that scary ever just kinda an oddity.

finally the girl yuka the central heroine and boy was she...ok? im a sucker for a loli with white hair. what turned out was less a thorough reveal of all the mysteries mixed with a story where the heroine is the big bad guy. seeing them reconcile her evil ways or even a tragedy where the protagonist turns on his friends or dies with her. instead we get a over done, you were the only one nice to me so i like you story. yuka isnt anything interesting. she was a girl who suffered alittle and is now killing people. thats it not some half of an eldritch god with gore. not a concept given form to cater to the protag. not an entity the twisted world birthed out of corruption, she was yet again a god damn grudge. a little girl with a grudge.

I came into the game hoping to see a character return home to see the town he remembered embroiled in a mystery involving an young evil girl who seems to adore the protag for some reason, while a mad god like eldritch horror torments and maybe chases them and is legit scary and mysterious with an actual mystery to unravel. what i ended up getting was a gore hentai game that had a superb premise and a nigh perfect monster crazed god character that just didnt do anything with them, none of the mysteries felt like that deep of mysteries nor were any mystery reveal all that interesting.

I suppose the best way i can describe the game is. an author came up with a concept and put it to pen. the concept ended up having the potential to become a cult classic country horror game that was truly special. the author ended up lacking the skill, ambition and or resources to properly pull this off. what we get instead is a gory hentai fest with a hint of a mystery with no real explanations or reveal other than 'grudges' and thats it. the game just never felt like it expanded. it just felt like it was holding off before it got started. it felt like the game was gonna really start at any moment...then it just ended. I desperately wish the game i envisioned when i read about gore and the game he resided in was the game we got rather than this decidedly mediocre game.

honestly the idea of yuka and Gore and especially gore's design is wasted on this painfully mediocre missed potential of a game.
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