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Review of Zhu Sheng Jihua

SubjectZhu Sheng Jihua
Victory Project
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narcosis on 2022-11-17
ReviewA somewhat interesting, but extremely lacklustre chinese visual novel.

It's surprisingly high quality with good art reminiscent of early 2010's, solid voice acting, nice main duo and simple but pleasant soundtrack. Unfortunately, while overall decently written and with some good moments, the story is all over the place and extremely lacking in depth - almost childish at times; neither sci-fi, nor a thriller and at most a passable action flick. Many of the secondary characters are treated in a very superficial manner.
It's not a bad experience but the game feels more akin to a first finished draft - a proof of concept - rather than a fleshed out visual novel. The idea is there, it's the execution that ultimately failed.

Can't say no to Durian, though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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