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Review of Voices from the Sea

SubjectVoices from the Sea
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ThomVD on 2022-11-19
ReviewVoices from the Sea is a very short little EVN about a depressed and lonely boy who meets a mysterious young girl at a beach. They befriend each other as the girl pledges to make him smile at least once over the span of 7 days. It's about one to two hours worth of content depending on whether you do the extra stories or not. Very brief but cute story about loneliness, motherly love and friendship.

+Looking for seashells every day and getting a different reaction from Cantus depending on the one you choose is fun.
+Charming humour that isn't necessarily hilarious but is carried by how much heart it has.
+Chrono Trigger reference ftw.

-Too short to really leave an impact of any kind.
-Voice acting is poor, I had to turn it off.

Best girl: Cantus.

Best route: -
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