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Review of Tsumamigui 2

SubjectTsumamigui 2
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Kudenn on 2022-11-20
ReviewAt first I thought that this game would be a good Netori game but I was completely wrong in that assumption because aside from the first game it's like this series is a NTR festival.

Reading this is like NTR yourself so it's the continuation of the first game where the protagonist married Kanae and has a child with MC on the first game now it's full blown NTR. Not only is the new MC having sex with Kanae but also Yuki the shota is having sex with Kanae. So in short it's double NTR the MC in the first game is getting NTR'd at the same time the MC in this game is getting NTR'd.

In short the MC on the main game got the short end of the stick as no matter what happens his wife will be stolen so if you don't want that don't touch this game because you will end up in disappointment. Kanae is a bitch that really doesn't deserve a happy ending because she finally found the man who will take her seriously and has a child with him but because he's a slut he went to the guys instead of sticking to his husband.
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