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Review of Tailor Tales

SubjectTailor Tales
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frieddumplings on 2022-11-20 last updated on 2022-11-21
ReviewI am playing Tailor Tales Plus, the 18+ version available via patreon. So far, I've finished Grey's route, and am currently playing Caine's route; I will only be commenting on these two.

What I like: the LIs, the sprites and CGs, no bad endings, sex scenes are steamy enough. Writing on Grey's route was mostly excellent -- 8.5/10. Love Caine as a character. My heart <3

What I dislike: Honestly, I dislike the entire premise of Grey's route; It's too far fetched. The writing for Caine's route is noticeably poorer, but not terrible; It gets better as the story goes on.
I picked up Tailor Tales because I was absolutely desperate to play more R18 otomes, and I'd heard good things about it. I can't say it totally lives up to the hype, but it comes close. Low replay value though. 7.5/10.
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