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Review of Meng Mo

SubjectMeng Mo
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Gambel on 2022-11-21
ReviewI went in expecting it to be shit. I was pleasantly surprised. It definitely didn't blow my mind and contains a good amount of typical trashy VN bullshit, but it hits hard in some parts.

Two most major issues:

- Like a lot of games, it's drawn out as fuck. This wouldn't necessarily be an issue if it was interesting during the whole time. And don't get me wrong, it's really funny at times and throws a decent amount of curveballs to keep things interesting, but not nearly interesting enough to make me always engaged. It also doesn't help that it's pretty clear how things are going to end, so they could speed this shit up and get an already short story out of the way if they didn't keep dragging things on for no reason. I guess it kind of makes sense with the themes, but I was actually getting frustrated with how passive and bitch made MC is at times.

-(minor spoilers) What the fuck was up with that ending? It was actually that sad and unsatisfying? I guess that makes sense with the themes, but tf? At least they kissed before it was over which SOME games can't even give you but come on man, why didn't they fuck. I know the pills make them like emotionally flat but come on man. Just at least once. And then the epilogue tried to seem all profound and shit but kind of fell flat IMO, just came off as melodramatic. It was just kind of a cry porn ending like a shittier Plastic Memories.

tldr: good funny game with good art and shit but has some deep rooted flaws and while the themes are pretty good it still seemed way too drawn out with emo bullshit for me to really give it above a 7/10. It could have been a short story and still carried the weight that it did but instead the game kind of just fucks you over at times ( especially with that fucking ending man like why did she have to die before they fucked smh can't their love for each other make their sadness go away even without the pills)
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