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Review of Mahou Shoujo

SubjectMahou Shoujo
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onorub on 2022-11-21
ReviewProbably one of the best doujin hybrids out there. The gameplay is easy to pick up and hard to master in the sense that the system is easy enough to understand but the numerous enemies and ridiculousy smart AI require you to learn little intrincasies like battle formations that don't leave a single character too much on the vanguard and avoiding overkills to save MP. The plot itself is fairly simple but it's absolutely carried by the character work about how the girls must save the city while dealing the insecurities of their young age that is intensified by the superpowers gained. Overall, this is highly recommended for those that are into old-school SRPGs and want a deconstruction on magical girls that gets a bit more on the psychological side than into the violent side. Borderline great as a VN.

Addendum about the alternate story mode: while it's cool to see the alien girls learning Earth's customs and the new characters show that the author has gotten better at character design, the character work is way too simple and the emotional moments aren't as spread out as in the original leading to a pretty upsetting ending to me. I'd recommend it for gameplay reasons more than anything because the new cast doesn't have some of the cheap endgame moves as the originals.
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