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Review of Maggot baits

SubjectMaggot baits
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Vote: 6.7
onorub on 2022-11-21
ReviewPretty alright if you know what you're getting into. The setting and characters are pretty interesting but the writing is sorta held back by how detailed it gets in a way that sorta screws up the pacing of the fight scenes and makes the h-scenes a slog to read. Even then, i have the unpopular opinion of liking this better than Euphoria because while that one was better at utilizing h-scenes this one had an interesting plot from beginning to end, while in Euphoria i only really enjoyed myself at the school portion on Nemu and True routes. Overall, i recommend this for those that can handle the heavy content because there is a cool plot love going up against depravity beyond it. Decent, almost good VN.
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