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Review of Eden's Ritter - Chapter 1 Gaiden - Innan no Miko-hime Cecily Hen

SubjectEden's Ritter - Chapter 1 Gaiden - Innan no Miko-hime Cecily Hen
Eden's Ritter 1:2 - Priestess of Pleasure
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d2cmp on 2022-11-21
ReviewIf Eden's Ritter was an anime, Priestess of Pleasure it would be a small OVA that connects season 1 with season 2, there's some foreshadowing with the appearance from characters that will play a bigger role in the sequel, but in this VN the main villain is once again Rudolf that has been brought to life by a certain necromancer and the only new character is another perverted archbishop.

Once again the The kingdom of Ellerald is besieged by 2 mysterious threats at once and once again our heroines split up to try and solve both problems and despite being a bit stronger and more experienced with their powers this leads to their expected defeat and humiliation or else we wouldn't have porn.

The game is only a fraction of the original and it plays the same, the heroines fight horrible monsters, they get raped sometimes and you might get a choice that leads to their victory or a bad end that concludes in death or a fate worse than death, this series doesn't pull any punches

Unfortunately because of the short length of the VN, there aren't many moments in which the heroines interact with each other of have some downtime, the games get down into porn right away and it stays there until the end.

The CGs are still beautiful, the monsters absolutely grotesque and the VAs are some of the best i've heard in these kind of games, every character is voiced even the nameless peasants.

However theres a lot of reused assets from the first game, this is true of almost any sequel, but you notice more in a short VN like this.

Unfortunately for some reason the game doesn't have steam achievements like the prequel if you are interested in that.

Still its an excellent nukige and i would recommend this game to anyone that loved the original Eden's Ritter or dark fantasy in general, but its not required playing it enjoy the sequel, the plot is pretty self-contained and there isn't a lot of character development from our heroines.

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