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Review of Xingfu de Errenfang

SubjectXingfu de Errenfang
Xingfu de Errenfang
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linkisntpink on 2022-11-22
ReviewI find this game quite the oddity and felt compelled to write a review for it. My experience with chinese eroge has been that they either have a terrible excuse of a plot that simply servers as the context for whatever sex scenes or gameplay they have (which I don't have a particular issue with since I tend to just skip the dialogue and go CG hunting if this is the case), have terrible live 2D, some cringe forced NTR for whatever reason or just this general jank to them that makes you go "Ah yes, this is definitely chinese".

Don't think that I particularly hate them, because I don't, as they can be quite fun for a single playthrough that you can finish in a single night and have a single nut or two with. Examples I can think of somewhat enjoying have been Robo Life - Days with Aino, Jerez's Arena and its sequel, and while I didn't like it quite as much as the aforementioned, Kaijuu Princess fits into the overall stereotype. Mirror too, although I don't think that's on vndb. Saw this game was published by Eternal Alice, and thought I might as well give it a shot since I liked Jerez's Arena enough. From a couple screenshots, it looked a lot like 1room -Iede Shoujo- or similar games, so I expected it to be fairly light on the plot.

What I found extremely surprising about this game is that although it does have the same shoehorned NTR (easily avoidable I don't get why they even added it), live 2D and slight jank to it, it has this certain air of quality to it and a fairly sizable focus on the plot. The live 2D is actually solid, art is pleasant to look at and of relatively consistent quality (something you hardly ever see in chinese eroge), music although limited, conveyed the mood of what was on screen at the time and the plot while simple, predictable even, with a premise that's as generic and tired as it is absurd, had me unexpectedly hooked until the end. I think it shows how sometimes you don't need to have the most original game to have something decent, but to actually put effort in what you make. I got Ending 1 (basically the true end), Ending 2 (a sadder end). I assume Ending 3 is basically a bad end and I'm certain 4 and 5 are just cuck shit so I'd recommend you get what I got.

I also recommend you play it in either chinese or japanese. The japanese translation is solid and was clearly made by a real person. The other language options are some terrible mtl tier shit.
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