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Review of Gore Screaming Show

SubjectGore Screaming Show
Gore Screaming Show
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vario on 2022-11-22
ReviewA horror classic from 2006 that is pretty good even these days. It might not impress you that much since some ideas aren't that fresh anymore. The game inspired Kurashiki Tatsuya, Sakuraba Maruo, and other writers, so you could see them elsewhere already. But it's still a strong work that is pleasant to read. Even at the weakest moments, the story was still interesting enough to keep me motivated to read more.

First of all, the game has a cool protagonist. He's strong, impulsive, and short-tempered. He might sound like an annoying character, but it's actually fun to follow such an unusual person.

The story hooks you right at the beginning and keeps feeding you some intriguing details and scenes all the way through. Even the first three routes have some importance despite looking like a filler. Also, I really enjoyed the depiction of madness. How you can't distinguish reality from illusion. At some points it feels like you're reading a denpa.

If you're worried about some of the game's content, you can avoid pretty much all of it by skipping the bad endings. Though, some of them are pretty good since you're getting new CG and quite a lot of text. They feel as important as the good ones.

So yeah, I ended up enjoying the game more than I expected. It was a big hit in Japan, and I hope the translation will find its fans, too.

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