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Review of Hero Party Must Fall

SubjectHero Party Must Fall
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htc89234 on 2022-11-24
ReviewThis is a netori game where you (the MC) steals the loved ones, due to what I can only call "plot reasons" from how stupid it feels. It starts off by kind of blackmail and turns consensual later.

The art honestly feels a bit disgusting and it is heavily pixelated and reminiscent of old 2D games which does not look good with this resolution; the characters feel very one dimensional (other than Cecille, the main gal) and all feel varying degrees of insane. The plot is... there, but not enough to make this game feel like it has a story, even though it could be interesting with the MC's backstory and the settings, appearances, and characterizations of minor characters (such as the Goddess).

Gameplay-wise, it has a day cycle, but it's kind of worthless. Characters move around one of 4 locations and you can only really have options to interact with them often at one time and at one place, so why even add it? You're just skipping to it most of the time. It's implied that they want to add other things (such as battle mechanics), but the preview does not make it look appealing at all. Other than that, the game has a sex minigame that honestly feels like it was the focus of this above all else including story, and the game is essentially just you skipping the day periods until night when you do the minigame to increase the corruption stat, read some random scenes, and then repeat - until the girl raises a corruption level, you swap girls, and then you do it again. So on. So forth. The story progresses after you raise their corruption level, which can take DAYS of skipping and tedious minigame where you keep seeing the same animation for what is the billionth time now; I'd be hard pressed to call it interesting, and as the art wasn't appealing to me, most of the repeatable scenes kind of sucked, really.

Probably a solid 7 if the art strikes your fancy and if you like playing Netori (not NTR), but sadly that is not for me.
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