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Review of My Real Desire

SubjectMy Real Desire
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htc89234 on 2022-11-24
ReviewIt is unfortunate to say so, but MRD is close to something I like. I like some of the characters design, some of the backstories, the songs chosen to play as soundtrack.

This is all brought down by the most insipid tone-deaf writing known to mankind. I kid you not, there is a scene with the MC watching his friend dropped on the ground being punched in the face repeatedly and he thinks: "This is not good..."

The MC is meant to be a heartless guy who has no feelings and looks dead inside and people like him because why not, and that's okay even if I find it stupid, but why does everyone else talk like that as well? In the same scene, a similiar situation happens where the friend thinks "This is dangerous...".

I cannot give a higher score to the awful dialogue. There is no emotion.
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