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Review of Corrupted Kingdoms

SubjectCorrupted Kingdoms
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htc89234 on 2022-11-24
ReviewI'll quote a comment Ileca has submitted on a review I've made once and that best resumes this game:

"... some plague coming from the patreon's business model."
"You recognize a patreon game in that it is often just a succession of small events."

That's it in a nutshell. This game had an interesting premise and story that has unfortunately been forgotten - and I've been following it for the better part of over a year now - in lieu of giving girls that don't even have names repeatable sex scenes and progression, while the main interesting story has been missing ever since. There is more random girl content than there is actual main story content in this game by now. This is no longer a VN to read, but just another fap sandbox.

Unfortunate, since what exists of the main story is not bad.
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