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Review of Summer Pockets

SubjectSummer Pockets
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dezone on 2022-11-24
Review[got help by deepl translator cause my english is suck]

Summer Pockets - a summer I'll never forget

Thank you for teaching me the beauty of a meeting
Thank you for teaching me the beauty of a relationship
Thank you for teaching me the beauty of sacrifice
Thank you for teaching me how a short time can become an unforgettable memory.
And there are many more thanks that I can't say.

Summer pocket really does provide memories, adventures, encounters and partings.

I like that one route still has a story connection with another route, like we can still see Ao who is often sleepy and Kamome who is looking for something even though we are not on their route. So that other routes are not cut off even if we are not working on them.

I also like how summer pocket keeps giving me surprises, when I think the story is over it turns out there is still a continuation haha

Personal favorite route, ALKA > Tsumugi > Ao > Kamome > Shiroha
*I know ALKA's route also involves Shiroha but because it has a different story so I just separated it haha

Score : 9/10

Thank you VisualArts and Key for making a game that makes me want to play more Visual Novels.

I'd love it if you guys have any recommendations for visual novels I should play next.

Thank you for reading my heartfelt outpouring towards this game, I know it sounds disgusting but I had to do it to show my appreciation towards this game hehe.
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#1 by c2k
2022-11-24 at 23:17
< report >You should play the Reflection blue, it has much better story with the additional of 3 heroines in the game plus some changes
#2 by dezone
2022-11-25 at 04:10
< report >I heard that too, thanks