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Review of Analogue: A Hate Story

SubjectAnalogue: A Hate Story
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Vote: 6.8
SusanooWorld on 2022-11-24
ReviewAanlogue: A Hate Story is an english visual novel made by Christine Love, a canadian visual novel maker. It's a sequel to : Hate Story and a prequel to Digital : A Love Story. As an important visual novel in the part of the culture of english vn : I was really happy to read this one. During the game you will read some documents about the pass and talks with two ia as Hyun-ae and Mute. There is not too much I can talk about the history without spoiling, so I will go directly to the review.

- Characters : Hyun-ae and Mute are both really cute and interesting with their story
- Writing : This is one of the most well-written english visual novel I have read
- Endings : Approximately 8 endings (even if VNDB says 5) which are pretty good
- History : Some documents that you will read can be very powerful especially those who comes at the end
- Dramatic/ Tragedic : Talks about the place of women in a society, the traditional mariage and family in an
original way

- Choices : They are pretty ridiculous during the biggest part of the vn it's just, most of the part : Yes or No, just to
agree or disagree with a character
- Documents : During mainly 90% of the game, you will just read documents and I can say that it's very difficult to
remember what you just read before with all the names of characters.
- Background : They are just one background which is totally white (except for the endings) during all the game which
can't make us being more integrate in the vn
- Expectation : Don't expect a REALLY lot to this game

Finally, I will say that if you want to read this one, be sure that you like or even love read a lot. Read this vn not for the endings but more for the drama plot. But I can't say if I really enjoyed this vn, or not, that's why I give him a 6,8 / 10.
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