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Review of Dreams of Desire

SubjectDreams of Desire
ByHelpfulness: 2
SkullfuckTzuyu on 2022-11-25
ReviewLots of pseudo-choices. The game has a specific path in mind, and if you don't follow it, not only will it be forced on you, there will even be nonsensical conversations referencing events that didn't happen. You literally have to sleep with almost every girl even if you don't want to, and the MC never shuts up about how hot he finds them all which takes you out of the immersion if you don't.

Speaking of immersion, the game regularly breaks the 4th wall and mentions out-of-universe things like an outfit that was voted for on Patreon. Absolute no no! And then, of course, characters suddenly wear that outfit out of nowhere.

The mystery aspect is quite well-made and engaging, but CONSTANTLY interrupted by MC banging his mom every 5 minutes with zero character development towards it.
2 points