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Review of Shier Se de Jijie

SubjectShier Se de Jijie
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Gambel on 2022-11-25
ReviewHonestly it's just fucking ass. It's abhorrent at the beginning but then people assert that it gets good after the main story. Because after that, there are some weird time travel hijinks that happen.

Unfortunately, the time travel plot is boring, weird, contrived, makes no sense, and makes me want to commit sudoku. I don't fucking give a shit about this dude's cousin, stop dragging this shitty plot out and just finish it already. The themes were nonexistent and the characters were unlikeable and wholly forgettable.

All in all, I finished this in around an hour (I was clicking fast because it was boring as fuck, maybe that's a little unfair but it was so unengaging I don't care) and it was without a doubt one of the most forgettable VN's I have ever played. Idk if I will even remember it when I wake up tomorrow to be honest. Mindlessly scrolling youtube for an hour would have been a better use of my time, without a fucking doubt.

Tldr shitty short visual novel that tries to have some inception-type time travel plot but it sucks and so do the characters. The only saving grace is that it's hella cheap and only like 2 hours max so if you can stay awake that long maybe give it a try
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