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Review of Doki Doki Literature Club!

SubjectDoki Doki Literature Club!
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!
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SkankinGarbage on 2022-11-30
ReviewIt's almost impossible to talk about without spoiling it, since the game can be finished in one sitting, but I'll do my best:

This game benefits greatly from being very short. It's an interesting idea that was explored very well - not too little, but not overly thorough as to wear the idea out. It's a hard premise to make a long game out of, and any longer would have been tiresome. In fact, I think the second half wasn't quite as good as the first half.

But, you know what? In a genre where it feels like a lot of games err on the side of too way too much prose, it's refreshing to see a VN that's so damn concise! The genre could take a pointer or two from Doki Doki Literature Club (though maybe not to the same extreme degree!) Easy game to recommend. Excited to see what Salvato does next.
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