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Review of Harem Mate

SubjectHarem Mate
Harem Mate - Download Edition
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Vote: 8.7
marianokun on 2022-12-02
ReviewHere’s a great 3D nukige I keep coming back to. There’s loads of customization options, ranging from hair style and color, clothing and (my personal favorite) body size – so you can tweak butt and bust thickness and make your broads’ hips really broad. Some of the cute outfits include a choice of shorts or skirt, combine that with the inevitable thigh-high stocking and you’ve got yourself one hot babe. And with the generator option, you’re truly spoiled for choice with dozens of idols you can customize to your hearts content. Not enough? You can customize the girls’ “personalities”, and make them sound like an OL, an imouto, an onee-san, and so on. Damn, you can even customize your own harem room though too much furniture will block your view in free camera mode.

Though the stock heroines move too jiggly in the vn section, the 3d action certainly does not disappoint, plus there’s a wide range of sex positions and modes ranging from a 3P all the way to 6P, and don’t worry if you mistakenly added an extra girl to your group sex session, she’ll still be there, having some private action on the side.

Two things I probably didn’t like are 1) the fact that the game autosaves (I guess?) but for some reason I somehow found myself having to skip through the vn part every time just to start the real fun part and 2) I couldn’t find a way to switch the main girl during free H mode: the one you choose first will be your sex partner and if you wish to change, apparently, you have to go back, oh well.

I’ve played other non-vn 3d games like these with slightly better graphics and many more outfits and customizing options but this one still offers a great experience.
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