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Review of Yandere-Chan

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atavar on 2022-12-27
ReviewA nice, short little review for a short little game. Might expand on this into a full review later; for now...

With my last reviews being journeys into stories I didn't enjoy too much, it was nice to find a small, weird, punkrock little gem of a game. Yandere-Chan is exactly what it says; a short story about a Yandere. No weird meta commentary, few hackneyed memes, unironic and open embrace of it's slightly silly subject matter.

It never overstays it's welcome, has a few scenes that are gnarly enough to stick around, and in it's own way is surprisingly sweet. Whomever archived it, thanks kindly; little bits of gaming history like this are important.

And to the author - thanks for reminding me what I love about the indie VN scene, past and present. Best out there, wherever you are.
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