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Review of A Little Lily Princess

SubjectA Little Lily Princess
A Little Lily Princess
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marianokun on 2023-01-18
ReviewA Little Lily Princess is a wonderful OELVN loosely based on the equally wonderful masterpiece A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Now if you’ve read her other works like Little Lord Fauntleroy or The Secret Garden and thought they were beautiful then expect that same beauty from this game.

Not every literary adaptation results in a narrative that is both riveting and powerful; this vn is, fortunately, the case. The characters are so memorable and vivid: Sara, for one thing is such a strong and relatable protagonist overcoming the gravest hardships, further exacerbated by Ms. Minchin’s ever stern demeanor.

Don’t feel tempted to write this game off prematurely as another princess-themed SOL. Yes, the raising sim segments might get in the way of your enjoyment but believe me, A Little Lily Princess has so much to offer: with its gorgeous music, colorful heroines (the chubby Ermengarde being my fave), and a quite unexpected twist in the second half of the game, when things turn upside down for a lovely Sara as she goes from riches to rags overnight. I’ve read it in what, at times, seemed like a machine translated Spanish version which sounded pretty hilarious on some lines of dialogue. Still, I enjoyed it thoroughly and so should you.
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