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Review of Devil in the Details

SubjectDevil in the Details
Devil in the Details
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marianokun on 2023-01-19
ReviewSeeing a company use a CG as their cover for a game is only indicative of their laziness and the clear lack of originality put into their sorry excuse to make a few bucks. Devil in the details is such a sorry excuse.

They bait you with this pic of Akame nursing the mc and you fall for it expecting some action with said succubus which you do get… like once. At least, in Divine Slice of Life “the goddess girls” were actual heroines and there was a bit more backstory and relevance to them, somehow.

And then there’s the same old inane plot of the likes of Koi iro chu lips or Tottemo Pheromone where mc suddenly (and conveniently enough) gets “powers” (read: balls) and has to get some p*ssy to save the day. The flirting options are a ridiculous guessing game, just like their map movement: first time I played I barely met any of the girls and once I did, I laughed at the horrendously cartoonish sprites – no, seriously they’re all an eyesore.

While they may’ve tried to rehash Akame and come up with some sort of story that ended up almost as generic as “Allan”, Dharker Studio would do good to remember that when it comes to making good vns, the devil’s in the detail.

Edit: Forgot to mention the final nail in the coffin which is a bug where only Cheryl's brows show on screen which is funny but creepy af.
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