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Review of 8thAlice

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killah-kheem on 2023-01-19
ReviewShort and sweet. While randomly browsing through vndb I came across it and decided to check it out, and I wasn't disappointed. The story isn't anything profound, the main concept is interesting but not developed enough for it to be that rewarding, though with its length that's understandable, and it's fun enough to read even then. The art was what initially caught my attention, and it definitely delivered. The artwork really elevated the experience, it's very colorful and eye-catching, as you'd hope for an Alice in Wonderland game. While the music in this game is all royalty free tracks, I still have to praise the selection, some of the tracks were really fitting for the atmosphere. And the main appeal, and why I decided to give this a shot over other stuff, is that it's fully voiced, which is extremely impressive for a doujin game like this (especially gotta give the Mad Hatter's voice props, his VA was great.) For those studying Japanese like me, this game is pretty easy to read even if your level isn't that high, and the length makes it a good pick if you don't want to be stuck on a dozen hour visual novel for ages.

As far as criticisms go, first off, the biggest one, the UI is kind of lacking. I assume the engine that the game is built in wasn't an especially good one? One complaint would be that you can't access the settings from inside the game, you have to go out to the title screen to get there, but the biggest complaint in regards to that is that there is no voice line replay button! If you for some reason fail to hear a line or accidentally skip it, welp, you're fucked. Unless I somehow managed to miss the voice replay button, that seems like a big oversight. It wasn't a big issue in my playthrough, but still, quality of life aspect missing there. In regards to the actual story, the second time around playing as the 8th Alice felt a little lackluster. I think it could have stood to deviate a bit more, would have been more interesting. Also, the March Hare and the Dormouse got like, 2 combined minutes of screen time tops, and they just got murdered by the Mad Hatter for dark comedy even in the good ending route, which was kinda odd. I mean, not like it's necessarily a flaw with the game, but it's kinda cruel, lol. Wish they could have been saved somehow the second time around. Also funny considering that the Dormouse is played by Nohana Koyori, the creator of the game herself. Woulda thought she'd give herself a bigger role, but guess not.
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