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Review of Rongrong Bianli Dian

SubjectRongrong Bianli Dian
Rongrong Bianli Dian
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triority on 2023-01-20
ReviewA very nice comedy/drama visual novel. No doubt slightly inspired by Nekopara, but even so, it takes the animals-in-a-store idea in its own direction.

The fox, rabbit and bear girls are all very nice (and cute). The reason for them being being trapped in the wind-chime is explained (A tragic mistake leads to another being found out as well for all expect Puff the bear, which is a shame.

The characters are nicely animated, and overall the graphics are good.

The protagonist is decent as well, although rather slow in investigating the arrive of the new girls. The story starts off a bit slow too, but it's well worth persevering with.

Some of the English is a bit dodgy, but it doesn't distract from the story.
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