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Review of 9-nine- Shinshou

Subject9-nine- Shinshou
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genuineparts on 2023-01-21
ReviewSo I guess that is it for the Series. Resolving the last little cliffhanger that they gave us at the end of EP.4

My issue is that I don't really hate the Series, from beginning to end it was really enjoyable and fun to play through. However there are soooo many things they could have done better once you're at the end of a ~90$ (without sales) VN. At the beginning (w5827) I was really cynical about the price point. As it got on I started to develop hopes and the series improved on each iteration. At the end It should have ended with the fourth Episode, not made a Cliffhanger and try to stick a "Fandisk" onto the end.

In essence is the Last 10 bucks nessercary? Absolutely not. Is the Series worth 90 Bucks? Absolutely not. Get it for a sale at ~30-40 bucks. Go get it. There are no technical issues, the only thing I feel is... it would have worked better as a single ~70 Bucks VN. It's good but I also feel there is so much wasted potential. In the end I feel it truly was a cash grab that was able to pick up some of the pieces. 6/10 for the whole series!
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