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Review of Evenicle 2

SubjectEvenicle 2
Evenicle 2
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fenglengshun on 2023-01-22
ReviewA sequel that's larger than its predecessor but suffered for it.

Looking back on it, now that I finished it, a lot of the plot beats and highs are great. It's just that aside for the main character being more fun and interesting than Aster as well as the intriguing backstory of Ixtab and the cool last act, but those highs are lower than the first Evenicle's high.

The game world is bigger and there's a lot of backtracking as well as a few annoying mechanics, making story suffer for it. More characters as well. The first Evenicle already had issues balancing all of the wives' story relevance, but this one nearly doubles it, and most of them don't get much screentime, and lot of those screen time aren't as interesting as hanging out with Ramius and realizing that she's accepted by the people now.

In addition, the H-scene quality is dropped as well. I want to make note of this because the first Evenicle has some of my favorite H-scenes just because of the emotional build up and catharsis of it. In Evenicle 2, legitimately my favorite H-scene is the censored flashback in the demo version, for reaching that emotional vibe that Evenicle's scenes has. This applies to the 'struggle snuggle' scene as well -- it's an AliceSoft game, it 'has' to have those, but in the first Evenicle those are very plot relevant stuff but here it feels performative because they 'have' to have it.

Gameplay is mixed. I do find the Medica healing system to be less cheese-y than HP and BP item cheese in the first game. However, the sickness mechanic being tied to battles are a hassle. Sometimes you get sickness when you don't want to deal with it, and when you do want to grind sickness you have to go through a bunch of fights. And you need two sickness healed per wife events you want to see.

Lastly, while not much of the UI is changed, the way it is laid out here is annoying. It's *great* if you have a touchscreen-enabled device, the game is likely amazing to play on a tablet and or touch-enabled small laptop. It is annoying to play with normal keyboard and mouse.

While this review has had a lot of negative things to say, it's still an Alicesoft games, with great dialogue, fun characters, and insane worldbuilding. The stuff that Alicesoft is great at remains great here, it's just the stuff that Alicesoft struggles with... they didn't hit very well in this one, but the good stuff is still good. I was legitimately very close to buying the game on GOG until I did the currency conversion and it would be 50% more than Elden Ring during discount in my region.
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